What we’re stocking

At Bradford Baked Zines, we’ll be stocking a wide variety of self-published zines, books, literature, art and music of all kinds. Here is a snapshot, by no means exhaustive, of the artists, musicians, zinesters,  writers, small presses and collectives whose work we will be stocking. We’re adding to this list constantly, so please keep coming back!


No Hands

Gary Cavanagh

Melanie Maddison

Catriona Simons

Longbarrow Press

Michael Duckitt

Jean McEwan

Lorain B

Loosely Bound

The Print Project

Lots of Laughs

Poor Lass Zine

Becky Kidner

The Modernist

Black Dogs

Bridget Hayden

Alex Hetherington

The Housekeeping Society

Karren Ablaze!

Black Pyramid Press

Chella Quint

Angry Violist

Noel Curry comics

Rob Jackson comics

Louisa Parker

St Deluxe

Lottie Pencheon

Roger Barton

Emily and Anne

Young Explorers

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