Photocopy Exhibition

page from 'Opinionated Geordie Monsters': zine by Michael Duckitt
page from ‘Opinionated Geordie Monsters’: zine by Michael Duckitt

Throughout the week, we’ll be working on an evolving photocopy exhibition celebrating DIY culture , featuring photocopies of zines and other self publications, past and present, Bradford gig posters and ‘Why I DIY’: posters made by artists, writers, musicians and zinesters who Do It Themselves.  All are welcome to contribute! Come in with your own self-publications, zines and posters and we’ll photocopy them and add them to the exhibition.


‘becoming’: a Project: BABE exhibition 

Project: BABESheffield based feminist art collective Project: BABE bring their touring exhibition ‘becoming’ to Bradford Baked Zinespresent a post-internet collage of fragmented experiences by a collection of young artists responding to the theme ‘becoming’, exploring how they understand this term and what it means to them to ‘become’. In reference to the Buffy episode of the same name the artists explore the cusp of understanding, and accepting, their own identities, deconstructing the contemporary culture which informs them to explore this universal experience. The becoming series started with a zine of the same title and since starting the series Project:BABE have toured the exhibition around various venues collecting more pieces of artwork as they go.

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