Artist talk: Louisa Parker, 18th May, 1.30 – 2pm

Artist Talk: Louisa Parker: Saturday 18th May 1.30 – 2pm

 Bradford Baked Zines: 13 Market Street, Bradford
Louisa Parker

Louisa ParkerArtist Louisa Parker discusses her current phD research into drawing, comics and self -publishing. Louisa is a practice led PhD researcher at Loughborough University. Her project, Small Stories explores graphic narratives based in women’s lived experiences, producing visual material which engages ‘known’ histories with the overlooked details of women’s lives. Her work adapts the communicative conventions of comics as social commentary and is self published for wider dissemination and accessibility. She has written and drawn about (among other things) mental ill health and its treatments, nurses past and present, mother and daughterhood and violence against women. She is an active member of the international comics and zines forum Laydeezdocomics

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