Per-zine discussion event: Saturday 18th May

2 – 3.30pm ‘It’s common, but we don’t talk about it’; personal writing, zines and autobiography

Rachel Kaye, Em Ledger and Cat Simons

What makes a good per-zine? Why use a pen name? What happens when you share your darkest secrets in your zines? What subjects would we never write about?
In the grand tradition of per-zines we’ll be over sharing our experiences of writing about the personal in this informal, round table event. Including zine readings, discussion and a chance to ask your questions. You are welcome to bring along your own personal writing to read and share.

With Rachel Kaye, Catriona Simons and Em Ledger.


Rachel Kaye started an ill advised, long term love affair with zines when she was 14 and published Toast and Jam – collected stories of surviving eating disorders. Since then she has sporadically published Footsteps in the Dark, a per-zine (and now a blog) of whispered secrets, as well as contributing to various collective zines and live blogging for grown up arts conferences. She writes about gender, sex, class, politics, mental health and art. She is still making everything up as she goes along.


Catriona Simons is a Bradford based twenty something mum of three who makes, among other things, zines about life, love, guilt, parenting, food and knitting. She is a part time shopkeeper, sewing teacher and full time craft addict. In the past she has been part of the Claptrap and Loosely Bound zine collectives, and has helped to organize various craft and zine events. Her past titles include ‘letters to my teenage self’, ‘guilty’, ‘polaroids’ and ‘inky mess’ – a zine for children.

Em Ledger was one of the founding members of Lola and the Cartwheels a DIY queer/feminist collective based in Sheffield. She curated ‘The World’s A Mess and Yr My Only Cure’ zine and took Sister Spit on European tour. In 2011 she set up her own business, Get Busy; an independent women’s street wear store. Her latest zine project is Poor Lass edited in collaboration with Seleena Daye which publishes real talk about being working class. She writes about preciousness and feelings intertwined with adventures, friendships, music, tv and film, growing up and running her own business


3 thoughts on “Per-zine discussion event: Saturday 18th May

  1. Reblogged this on Footsteps in the Dark and commented:
    Oh my goodnessssssssss. Come and meet me (and my seriously awesome friends) in real life! I don’t talk about my writing in public very much cuz i’m a big scardy cat. Let’s do this thing!

    1. Hey Rachel, you have so much to offer in knowledge and insight into per-zines, we’re feeling so lucky that you’re doing this, and wecan’t wait to hear what you, Cat and Em have to say. We’ve had so much interest in this event, and we know you’re gonna rock, end of! xxx

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