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Last night’s Shrieking Violet talk and DIY culture discussion events

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An excellent talk last night by Manchester based writer Natalie Bradbury on her zine Shrieking Violet, followed by an impromtu question and answer session on the many aspects of the content, style and distribution of the zine. We had time afterwards for a short open discussion on zines  and self-publishing, in which issues of politics and asethetics of zinemaking were addressed. An enlightening and thought-provoking evening. Many thanks to Natalie for her presentation and to all who came along and participated!


Natalie Bradbury talk and DIY culture discussion: Tuesday 14th May, 6 – 7.30pm


6pm – 6.30pm: Natalie Bradbury on her zine Shrieking Violet

Manchester writer and self-publisher Natalie Bradbury will share the ‘do’s and ‘dont’s’, joys and frustrations of making a fanzine, as learnt through her experiences of editing, designing and producing print and online zine the Shrieking Violet. Started in August 2009, the Shrieking Violet was originally conceived as an alternative guide to her adopted city of Manchester, and has now featured writers, artists and photographers and general enthusiasts from all over the UK, sharing their enthusiasm for topics as diverse as public art, architecture, Esperanto, maths, bees, swimming pools, wild food foraging and wooden rollercoasters. She will trace the Shrieking Violet’s development over the course of the 20 issues published to date, discussing design hits and misses, production and distribution (both physical and online), as well as spin-off collaborations and events such as the Manchester’s Modernist Heroines project and the annual Victoria Baths Fanzine Convention.

6.30pm – 7.30pm: Self-publishing and DIY Culture:  discussion

Following on from Natalie’s talk, Bradford Baked Zines organisers  Loosely Bound will host an informal discussion on self-publishing and DIY culture, with  individuals and groups who self-publish, including art collective Black Dogs, Natalie Bradbury and others. All are welcome to  contribute and share experiences, ideas and questions around DIY publishing.

Both events happening at Bradford Baked Zines, 13 Market Street, BD1 1LN. No need to book. All welcome

Plans are coming along

lb zine in can

It’s been a hectic week, but plans are coming along nicely for Bradford Baked Zine shop and we’re pretty excited.  We’re on Twitter now, at https://twitter.com/Bfdbakedzines and through that we’ve virtually ‘met’ some lovely zine folks, who have sent us some zines for the shop, including South West London and Surrey Zines (@SWzines) http://swzinecollective.weebly.com/  who are going to come up to Bradford and take part in the zine week. This makes us very happy, to make contact with other zine collectives, and to meet folk who are prepared to travel from way down south for the event.

We’re also really chuffed to confirm that zinemaker Natalie Bradbury from Manchester, who makes the awesome Shrieking Violet zine http://theshriekingviolets.blogspot.co.uk/ and who last year organised the Victoria Baths Zine Convention in Manchester, is going to come and give an illustrated talk on on Shrieking Violet. Dates and times to be confirmed, but we’re delighted to have her over and have the opportunity to hear about her adventures in self-publishing .

Closer to home in Bradford we’ve been talking collaborations with our friends the fabulous HowDO?! Magazine http://howdomagazine.co.uk/ and are planning a meetup with them early next week to chat about working with them on a photocopy club project to make a collective Bradford zine in the shop space – exciting.  Also we’re looking forward to meeting up with Bradford husband and wife small press super duo  Black Pyramid Press http://blackpyramidpress.tumblr.com/, who are going to get involved in the week.

We’re getting excited about window shop displays, posters, and shop presentation, which of course is involving a ton of empty bean cans (luckily some of us work in catering) and which we think will look pretty nifty.

Hopefully we’ll have a load more events and collaborations to report back on in our next post, following our Monday night pow – wow in The Shoulder of Mutton where no doubt some Chocolate Stout will be imbibed and more plans will be made.