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Last night’s Shrieking Violet talk and DIY culture discussion events

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An excellent talk last night by Manchester based writer Natalie Bradbury on her zine Shrieking Violet, followed by an impromtu question and answer session on the many aspects of the content, style and distribution of the zine. We had time afterwards for a short open discussion on zines  and self-publishing, in which issues of politics and asethetics of zinemaking were addressed. An enlightening and thought-provoking evening. Many thanks to Natalie for her presentation and to all who came along and participated!


Artist talk: Louisa Parker, 18th May, 1.30 – 2pm

Artist Talk: Louisa Parker: Saturday 18th May 1.30 – 2pm

 Bradford Baked Zines: 13 Market Street, Bradford
Louisa Parker

Louisa ParkerArtist Louisa Parker discusses her current phD research into drawing, comics and self -publishing. Louisa is a practice led PhD researcher at Loughborough University. Her project, Small Stories explores graphic narratives based in women’s lived experiences, producing visual material which engages ‘known’ histories with the overlooked details of women’s lives. Her work adapts the communicative conventions of comics as social commentary and is self published for wider dissemination and accessibility. She has written and drawn about (among other things) mental ill health and its treatments, nurses past and present, mother and daughterhood and violence against women. She is an active member of the international comics and zines forum Laydeezdocomics

Talk from Longbarrow Press

Friday, 17th May, 6.30pm – 7pm, 13 Market Street, Bradford

Edgelands Matchbox by Matthew Clegg
Edgelands Matchbox by Matthew Clegg

Brian Lewis from Sheffield based poetry publisher Longbarrow Press, will give a short talk on the aesthetics and ethics of self-publishing poetry. Longbarrow Press publishes poems by Angelina Ayers, James Caruth, Matthew Clegg, Kelvin Corcoran, Mark Goodwin, Lee Harwood, Rob Hindle, Andrew Hirst, Chris Jones, Fay Musselwhite, Alistair Noon and Peter Riley. Titles range across various formats, including pamphlets, boxes and CDs; many are designed and produced by hand, some in limited editions. The ethos governing the output of the press is that the poem should dictate the format of publication. The resulting objects – matchboxes, acetates, maps – allow poet and publisher to explore alternatives to the book without resorting to gimmickry. Brian says of the attention given to each publication:

“‘Craft’ is an expression of care. It’s a simple ethic that has guided the press from the outset: the most important element in each production is care. If you don’t care sufficiently about the thing that you are making, then the audience cannot be expected to care about it either. The growing interest in craft-based practices suggests that there is something missing from industrialised ‘culture’. A pamphlet is a physical object, and it is important to understand the physical interaction of each of the component parts before you put it all together; making pamphlets by hand is a slow process, but it’s much more rewarding for the producer and, hopefully, the audience.”

Publications from Longbarrow Press will be available to buy in the shop throughout the week, from 13th – 18th May. To read more about the philosophy behind the press visit http://longbarrowpress.com/in-conversation/in-conversation-archive/