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We got mail from The Cunningham Amendment



We were delighted to receive a package in the post yesterday from our favourite publication in the world, anarchist letterpress journal The Cunningham Amendment. A publication so full of wit, wonder and beauty, it makes us want to weep with joy. We had written to them last week asking them to send us some of their incredible back issues for our zine library, and being the superlative people they are, they obliged. We are so very excited to add these issues to our zine library, and invite you to come and peruse them during out tenure at 13 Market Street, and experience the joy they bring. Intrigued? Here’s a ¬†blogpost from another satisfied customer¬†http://warrendraper.wordpress.com/2012/08/22/o-frabjous-day-callooh-callay-the-posties-delivered-my-tca/